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How to Purchase a Gift Card ?

1) Click on link :

2) Click on Send a Gift Card tab , if it is for personal use/ Click on Corporate Outing for organisation related usage.

3) Select the gift card from the preview given at right side of the page.

4) At the center of the page, an image for the selected gift card would be reflected.

5) On the reflected image main message or header can be given with the amount for which gift card is being purchased.

Below the given gift card, there are certain fields like Name , Email ID etc which needs to be filled in , and all of them are mandatory fields.

NOTE : the fields stated would ask for 2 email id's , one which says your email id , needs to be entered with the buyer's email id .

                                                      the other one is for the recipient , to whom this gift card is to be given.

                       -Also once all the steps are completed , then automatically the gift card is shared with the recipient on he same day it is purchased from us.

                       - In case if the buyer's email id , and recipient's email id are same, kindly note that these gift cards can only be redeemed by the recipient ,

                          hence recipients email id needs to be used while redeeming the same. **************************************

6) Click on Send Gift Card , after filling all the details as required.

7) You will be directed to a payment page , and once payment is done , then the buyer receives a copy of the payment transaction only, 

   and the gift card goes to the recipient's email address directly .

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