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Complaints about the horrible services provided by the trip advisor and the resort

I'm writing this to let everyone know how disappointed I am with your service. I wanted to book a resort in Chikmagalur from 1st April to 2nd April, the trip advisor asked us to choose this particular place who's name and location she wouldn't disclose, I understand that it is the company's policy, we very specifically told her that we'll be coming by bus and that transportation was an issue for us, but she hadn't mentioned about the 3kms of off roading we had to take to reach the resort and the location she shared ended 3kms before the off roading, we had come in our 2 wheelers because we had no idea, because your app was very non-transparent and we got stuck half way and since there was no signal on our phones, we couldn't reach anyone and we were stranded, we came back to the main road to make a call to your agent and enquire about this and she nonchalantly replied, "the path is very drivable" and that "you aren't the only customers I have to attend". We called her atleast 15 times and she didn't provide us any proper solution, we were forced to take the off road again, because we were left with no choice or help from your side, even the resort failed to pick up our calls. The off road was so terrible and we fell off our two wheelers 3 times, as a matter of fact we aren't the only customers who has complaints about this, every other guest who had come to the resort has similar complaints about how the off roading goes unmentioned by the trip advisors. This is probably one of the worst experiences I had to go through and I'm very much physically hurt with bruises on my hands and legs. The manager of the resort mentioned about how our booking wasn't listed and that he got to know about us being stranded by some other guest we saw on the way, because the trip advisor didn't even call them to mention about us. The customer service promised that they would take care of the transportation from the resort to the main road whenever we wanted, for which the resort asked us to pay 1400 Rs which we refused on top of this, they made us wait 4 hours past our check out time to get our two- wheelers uphill to the main road, we we're very patient because we knew that the staff had to attend the new guests, but after 4 hours we started to lose our patience. and I wanted to mention about this one particular man, who claimed to be the manager of the plantation who was very snarky and made statements about how "weak" we are as girls and many other misogynistic comments. I hope I get a response for this email and I shall send you my PNR number and the name of the trip advisor. The name of the resort was "ONTIMANE NATURE RESORT"
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