Refund process via Checkout (CKO)

Modified on Sat, 09 Sep 2023 at 10:42 AM

Thrillophilia initiates a refund within 48 working hours (if applicable) after necessary approvals. 

Process once refund is initiated 

When merchants request a refund on behalf of their customers, we’ll automatically trigger an authorization before accepting the refund for processing. Once accepted, the customer will be able to see the pending refund on their online banking account instantly, instead of the usual 2-5 days.

Step 1 

Merchant creates a refund request 

Step 2

CKO to invoke PaymentInquiry service hosted in STCPay system passing the RefNum. 

Step 3

CKO to get STCPayRefNum from the PaymentInquiry service response 

Step 4

CKO system to invoke RefundPayment service hosted in STCPay system passing the following information: 

  • STCPayRefNum 
  • Amount 

Step 5 

STC Pay system to return new STC Pay reference number (NewSTCPayRefNum) through CKO to the Merchant.

In the unfortunate event that a customer does not receive the refund within the expected time frame, what is the recommended course of action? Are there specific channels or contacts we should reach out to for assistance in expediting the refund?

If an authorization on a refund is declined, a standard approval response (202 Accepted response on UPAPI) will be returned as before and the refund will go through the clearing process as usual, so as not to disrupt merchant processing. will be tracking the actual declines from the schemes to help us make a decision on whether to re-enable the scheme specific requirement once performance is determined to be acceptable. 

How does your payment gateway typically communicate with customers regarding the status of their refund requests? Do you provide automated email notifications or any other means of keeping customers informed throughout the process?

Initially a first response is sent afterwards we contact our internal team to know the status of the refund besides, follow up is conducted after every four business days.

In case of any urgent issues or if we need to escalate a delayed refund matter, could you please provide us with the contact information of the relevant department or individual responsible for handling such cases? 

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